2018 Season

(See the Calendar on the home page for all this information)


·       Where should I go to get Important WUFDA Information?

o   We have a website that can be found by going to 


o   Facebook is a main way we communicate to players regularly please ask to join our group

o   Coaches will also have numbers to call as well and that information will be handed out when practices begin.

·       What do I need to have to play?

o   Cleats (Soccer Style or football style) No metal spikes!

o   Gear ordered from the team gear form

o   At every practice bring water, a light and dark shirt, cleats and a 175 gram Ultimate Disc (No Whammo Discs please!)

Can I letter in Ultimate?

o   Yes you can letter in ultimate frisbee.  In order to do this you need to meet the following requirements:

    - Attend 80% of Practices
    - Only miss 2 league games
    - Attend the MNYU State Championship
    - Must play 1 game on Varsity (Guys Only)

·       What do I do if I can’t make a game or a practice?

o   Contact your coach or captains.

·       What do I do if the weather is bad?

o   Watch your email, groupme and or facebook to see if we cancel. We won’t cancel unless conditions are severe.

·       How are teams decided on?

o   Tryouts are the first regularly scheduled practice. We place competitive players on our varsity roster. Varsity playtime is dependent on skill and performance. JV playtime is dependent on attendance and spirit. Our Varsity Roster is LIMITED.


·       Varsity

o  Competitive structure. Experienced players.

·       Junior Varsity

o   Lots of play time. Instructive and Fun structure. New and some experienced players.

·       Girl’s

o   New this year!. Tournaments. Games and lots of play time. All mostly new players!


Practices (This is the general Structure for Practice times, but they are subject to change with additional Coaching Staff coming forward):

*** SEE Calendar on Main Page


*** See Calendar on Main Page


·       Varsity: 

o   Hopkins Hustle: TBD

o   State Tournament: June 4th (8am -> 4pm) - 5th (9am - 2pm)

·       JV:

o   Hopkins Hustle: TBD

o   State Tournament: June 4th (8am -> 4pm) - 5th (9am - 2pm)

·       Girls:

o   Hopkins Hustle: TBD

o   State Tournament: June 4th (8am -> 4pm) - 5th (9am - 2pm)

VARSITY Practices and Games are held at:

1226 Wilderness Run Rd

JV  AND C-Team Practices and Games are Held at:

Women's Practices and Games are Held at: